Lake Russell

The Savannah River forms the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina. Lake Russell is the second of 3 lakes that make up the Upper . It was flooded in December 1983 and contains 26,650 acres of water, is approximately 29 miles in length and has 540 miles of shoreline. It is located right below the Lake Hartwell dam in Hart County, and the dam wall is in Elbert County. The outlet from the dam flows into Lake Strom Thurmond, also known as Clarks Hill Lake.

The lake has hosted two B.A.S.S tournaments and has excellent bass, striper and crappie fishing. The Corps of Engineers maintains a 300 foot buffer between private property and the lake to provide an uninterrupted travel corridor for wildlife.

Recreation Activities

There is a wide variety of activities to do around the lake. The list includes (click on the link):

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History of Lake Russell

Richard B. Russell dam and lake was originally called Trotters Shoals Lake when it was authorized for construction in 1966 as part of the Flood Control Act. It was renamed later to Richard B. Russell lake after a late Senator from Georgia, Richard B. Russell. The Army Corps of Engineers manage this lake. The authorized purposes of the lake are incidental flood control, recreation, power production, water supply, fish and wildlife management and additional stream flow regulation.

Permanent filling of the reservoir began in October 1983 and reached it's full pool in December of 1984. The lake measures 26,650 acres, has 540 miles of shoreline, and has an elevation of 475 msl (Mean Sea Level). The Corps owns 26,500 acres of public land around the lake. Federal laws prohibit private exclusive use of the public land, leaving the area strikingly beautiful and picturesque.

Boat Docks

Private boat docks are not allowed on the lake providing the visitor beautiful scenery as well as abundant wildlife. There is a boat launch facility right across from our property, and with a simple call to us lot and home owners can have their boat picked up from our onsite boat storage facility and launched at the boat ramp. Who needs a dock after all? There are two marinas on the lake, one at Beaver Dam Marina and one at Calhoun Falls State Park. The majority of boating on the lake are bass and pontoon boats. Since boat traffic on Lake Russell is very light, skiing is a pleasure as wakes are not an issue.

Water Levels

Many Georgia Corps lakes are drawn down in the winter for flood control purposes. Since Strom Thurmond below Lake Russell and Hartwell above takes care of flood control, Russell Lake is always managed to be close to it's full pool level making it a wonderful recreation and scenery lake. Click the link for today's Russell Lake Level (Remember full pool is 475 msl). Maximum depth is 147 feet, and mean depth is 39.6 feet.